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Colorado Motocross Magazine Training Tips

Fit Ball Push Ups

This exercise will challenge not only your upper body strength, but also increase your shoulder stability and help develop amazing core strength. It is a multi-functional movement that all MX athletes should try and integrate into their current training program. I am particularly fond of this movement because it requires almost every muscle in the body to be activated when done correctly, and any time MX athletes can train more than one muscle group at a time, we are closer to simulating how our bodies work while we are on the motorcycle. This movement is an extremely advanced movement, and all beginners or riders with less than one year of continuous strength training should first master push ups on the floor before using any balance or stability tools. On that note, if you are able to master this movement, you can increase the difficulty by raising one foot off the bench about twelve inches and holding it in the air while doing the push up. This will require even more total body strength. If you are able to perform the motion with one foot in the air, make certain to alternate which leg is in the air every five push ups to ensure you work each side of your body equally.

STEP 1: Place the fit ball about three feet away from the bench (depending upon your height) and then apply pressure with your hands on the ball. Your hands should be spaced about shoulder width apart.

Bosu Ball Step 2

STEP 2: Once you have the ball in place, bring one leg up on the bench behind you. At this point you should be able to tell if you need to move the ball forward or backward. If you feel the ball is in the correct position, place your other foot on the bench and steady yourself.

Bosu Ball Step 3

STEP 3: After you have steadied yourself, slowly lower your body until your chest is about three inches from the ball, just as if you were doing a push up on the floor. Do this motion slowly, and make sure you are not wobbling all over the place. If you are, you may not be ready for this exercise.

Bosu Ball Step 4

STEP 4: Push up. After you have reached the bottom position, simply do a push up. Make sure you do not rock your hips in the air or sag them in order to make it back up. Use your core strength and keep your stomach tight.

STEP 5: Repeat this motion fifteen to twenty times.

HELPFUL HINTS: If you are having trouble balancing, try doing this motion without the bench first. Just place your feet on the floor instead of the bench. If that is still too hard, just practice balancing in place without doing a push up, and before you know it you’ll be knocking out push up with your feet on the bench.